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FORTHCOMING: 2014 Joint Session Panel, University of Cambridge, 11-13 July.

Thank You: SWIP UK expresses grateful appreciation to the organisers of the 2014 conference: Pamela Anderson, Paul Lodge, Amia Srinivasan and the staff of All Soul's College, Oxford.

Executive Committee: SWIP UK welcomes four new members to the Exec: Suki Finn, Katharine Jenkins, Lindsay Porter and Rosie Worsdale. Gill Jagger is stepping down and we express our thanks to her for her long service to the committee.

Good Practice Scheme - SWIP UK and the British Philosophical Association are pleased to announce the launch of the Good Practice Scheme. Its purpose is to improve the environment for, and representation of, women in philosophy in the UK and Ireland.

Mentoring Scheme - In association with the BPA, SWIP UK has a mentoring scheme for women in philosophy. See Mentoring for details about becoming a mentor or mentee.

SWIP UK is an organisation of UK women in philosophy, including students and professionals, working within or outside academic departments.

SWIP UK's aims are

SWIP UK seeks to achieve these aims by

SWIP UK welcomes offers of help to develop this website, organise conferences, contribute to mentoring and support, and gathering and using data on women in philosophy in the UK and internationally.

SWIP UK welcomes comments and queries.

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